Your Hair Replacement System & Sport

Your Hair Replacement System & Sport – Can You Cut It?

Is it possible to enjoy everyday sports and the gym with a hair replacement system?

Most sports individuals ask us this question often. The simple answer is yes. You can swim, run, grapple or even swing with a hairpiece. However, this largely depends on the type of unit you wear and the attachment method used.

If you engage in super-active sports like Brazilian jiu-jitsu or wrestling, then you need a sturdy and reliable hair system, one that doesn’t get pulled out easily when an opponent grabs your head. We recommend using hair extensions made of polyurethane base and attached to your head using a strong liquid adhesive.

No matter the type of liquid adhesive you use, ensure your head is thoroughly prepared. Your scalp should be completely dry and smooth without any specks or residues. This ensures perfect bonding that guarantees a secure hair extension system that can’t get pulled out quickly.

If the sport you play doesn’t involve much sweating or being pounced on, then any hair replacement system can work just fine. But if you sweat a lot, the ideal version would be the Lace hair system. It is tough but still breathable. If you like removing your hair extension on a daily basis, use lace tapes that hold lightly on the scalp. We only use the best bonding clear tape.

Hair Centre Dubai hair replacement systems are crafted for everyday life and are quite simply, the best quality. Whether that means diving headfirst into swimming pools or holidaying in the mountains, be assured, no matter what your activity, with the best adhesives and a good quality hair replacement system, you can enjoy a life full of sporting activities.

If you are cautious about this and many other questions, contact us today on +971 50  650 4388 and arrange a non-obligatory meeting to discuss your needs. We’d be glad to help and put any worries you may have to ease.


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