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The hair loss in male pattern is down to genetics. Just like other characteristics such as height, facial features, eye and hair colour that are hereditary, hair loss is much the same. It is a fact that 70% of male hair loss is down to genes passed on from the mother and a good guide is to look at the grandfathers and uncles on the mothers' side of the family. Stories such as wearing a het and other factors do not cause hair loss.
Hair loss can certainly be slowed down with products such as Regaine & Propecia. These treatments also help growing new hair in parts of your scalp that is losing hair but they will not help grow back all of your hair and the overall effect will not make a big difference. Currently, there is no medical cure for reversing or stopping hair loss.
Basically, there are three main solutions. The first are to use medical and topical treatments such as Rogaine, Propecia, a suppressant like Revivogen and or Laser Hair Therapy. The second option is to have a surgical hair transplant which is surgical removal of your hair from the back of your head where the hair is thicker, and transplanting it in areas of hair loss. The third is to have non-surgical hair replacement, hair Grafting, hair integration and other similar techniques of adding human hair to the existing hair on your scalp. There are limitations to the first 2 options so, non-surgical hair restoration is the only affective treatment that will give you flexibility in having as much or as little hair as needed with instant results.
Our hair technician will offer you a free consultation. This initial process is important as we have to determine whether the client is a candidate for our hair replacement solution or that non-surgical hair replacement is right for you. We appraise the area where the hair will be added with thought to the contour of the area of hair loss, the viability of the existing hair, and the condition of the patients scalp.
Providing the best quality hair systems is what we do. Hair Centre Dubai can provide a range of hair of different origins to provide our clients with custom designed hair replacement systems. We use 100% virgin hair, European hair, Indian hair. We use the most appropriate hair depending on our clients but generally, European hair for most Caucasians, Indian hair is used for most Indians and Pakistanis. There are also certain exceptions such as hair blended for a certain look or to match a particular colour or texture. The virgin hair we use has the cuticle intact and is used for special applications.
In short, yes we can enhance and repair hair systems from another company but we would need to do an evaluation.
The production of each unit varies depending upon hair density, hair volume, various waves or curling and also, the request of long hair length. Considering these options, an approximate time would range four to ten weeks. A hair restoration system with special fibers and invisible knottings can takes twelve weeks or more and as it's a very special hair replacement system, clients always say it's worth the wait.

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