Hair Replacement for men

Dealing with a hair replacement company and getting straight answers about non surgical hair replacement for men can be almost as frustrating as losing your hair and because most hair loss companies have only one solution, they will do whatever they can to convince you that it's the only one that's right for you.

At Hair Centre Dubai, we know the reality is that each man's hair loss is different. Some men are great candidates to accept the lifestyle advantages of the hair replacement process whilst others simply want to prevent their existing hair from thinning any further. No matter what kind of hair loss you have, it's an ongoing process that changes over time.

Non surgical hair replacement is faster and less expensive than surgery and our restoration process re-creates the look and feel of your own natural hair. You can brush your hair, style your hair, swim, and even get sand in your hair just as you would if you had your own head of hair.

The added benefit is that our clients can even have the option of replacing their hair gradually for a subtle and gradual transition that doesn't draw attention until people start asking if you've been going to the gym and working out.

How it works for men

Our trained & experienced hair professional will closely examine your hair condition and thinning area to determine the best option for you with advice on volume and density that is desired. Once your hair system is made for you, our expert stylist will cut and style your hair to make you look your best. Our goal is to make you look better than you did before, taking into consideration your age and facial structure to create the right hairstyle for you and helps you look your best. Go ahead and bring in a magazine photo if you have something specific in mind.

Our Skills

Colour Range 100%
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