New Hair System Fitted

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a new hair system fitted and how it would affect your daily life?

A new hair system can affect your life in a positive way and would surely change your life but here are a few people who have been through the experience. They have installed hair systems for a variety of reasons and come from all walks of life. each one has a different story but they all have a common condition.

They all suffered from hair loss in one shape or the other but we are glad to say, Hair Centre Dubai has helped them improve their self-confidence and ultimately, the quality of their lives. So we are hoping choosing Hair Centre Dubai for your new hair replacement system is a decision you'll not regret.


Frederico was working on a electrical project when a steel rod he was working on fell and hit a high voltage line. It was a miracle he survived but he Frederico suffered burns on his scalp.

Frederico wore a hat for a long time to conceal his burn marks but thankfully, he discovered Hair Centre Dubai who made a custom fitted hair replacement system. He is a good looking man who can now continue to live his life more normally without having to worry about his scars showing.

frederico new hair system fitted

Our Skills

Colour Range 100%
Hair Volume 100%
Total Styling 100%
Manageability 100%
Our Pricing 100%

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At Dubai Hair Centre, our mission is to provide high quality permanent hair systems and servicing to all our clients

Dedicated to giving our clients total satisfaction and peace of mind when choosing a hair replacement system so you can lead a normal life.

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