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Does Hair Extension Damage Your Hair – Here is the Truth

Does Hair Extension Damage Your Hair – Here is the Truth

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Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair? Many times this is the common question that may come to your mind and someone else may tell you. But the short and accurate answer is, No! Here, in this blog we are going to elaborate more.
Have you ever been wishing to go for extensions but wonder, “Do extensions harm your hair?” If you are anxious about this, then this blog is going to help you a lot. At Hair Centre Dubai, our aim is to provide each client with product-based awareness on each extension we offer. We want to assure you, sit back, feel relaxed, and put the fear away of hair damage with extensions that you are worrying about!

How Is a Hair Extension Fixed?

There are many ways to apply hair extensions. Ways include clipping them in, taping, or sewing them in.
  • A tape-in extension is fixed by tapping into the natural hair, closer to the hair root. This extension is pre-taped and interlocks between the extension itself and the natural hair.
  • Clip-ins or sew-in extensions are placed into the hair precisely as their names indicate. We would like to tell you that tape-in and sew-in methods are permanent hair extension methods. So, you need to consult highly professional hair experts to apply these extensions.
  • Know About the Least Harmful Types of Hair Extensions?

    The general considerations among hair stylists are to provide you with extensions that will not tug on your natural hair. You should refine your selections to halo or clip-ins. Zero chemicals or heat is used in the application process of these extensions.
    We are not suggesting you not to go for other extensions, though! There are specific benefits of other extensions too. For example, sew-in extensions are saviors against some environmental elements for coarse hair. Coarse hair is more susceptible to breakage, needing more conditioning and less shampooing when you wash. Whichever you choose for your hair, always select a professional expert for proper application. You need to take care of the extension yourself in between salon visits.

    What Is the Best Extension for My Hair?

    The main factors that affect the selection of extensions are what you are looking for accomplishing and type of your hair. If you are looking for extensions for the purpose of an occasion, you need to ask your stylist about a halo or clip-in. If your wish is to add more length and/or volume to your hair, then you can choose your options between a tape-in, frontal, sew-in, or closure.
    There are three types of materials that make up a hair base system. Pick the right choice based on your taste, trend or financial capacity. LACE could be the best if you’re looking for something cozy, undetectable, elegant and lightweight. SKIN is the second option for those who want something that fits perfectly on their scalp (looks like you own skin!). Mono, on the other hand, is for those people whose hair is medium-thick. It’s an ideal choice if you are on a budget.

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