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Here are Top 5 Myths about Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Here are Top 5 Myths about Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Non-surgical hair replacement has been becoming popular among hair-loss sufferers. Customized and realistic-looking hairpieces are produced by this process without any kind of surgery. A right hair system would not only make you confident but also show a positive effect on your life. For any queries, you can contact us any time.

There are many doctors who claim to put hair on your head with a hair transplant.  Many promise to give magic hair loss pills. If you go for non-surgical hair replacement in Dubai then there is a need to do a good research for the right service provider that could fulfill all your needs successfully. In this blog, we are going to tell you about the myths that are rumoured about hair treatments.

Hair replacement appears fake

This happens, we admit, but only when you go to the wrong hair replacement service provider. Your hair system could appear like a hair wig with a wrong service. A good service provider would give you good advice, for sure, about the hair texture, hair density, and hair color that will suit best for your age. The best way to detect a hair transplant system is by looking at the front hairline. A heavy and blocky hairline looks unnatural.

You cannot put on a hair system under the sunlight

It is true, but not completely. You need to take care of your hair system when going to be exposed to an extremely hot climate or direct sunlight. You need to clean the hair system due to sweating, frequently. You could also go for a UV protection spray to prevent your hair color loss from fading.

Hair systems results in irritation

There is no irritation and discomfort due to a good hair system. If you feel irritation, it is due to the ingredients in adhesives for which you may be allergic, so you need to discuss all these things with your hair transplant expert. Never forget to check with your hair transplant expert if you are sensitive to some substances. Every week, you need to clean and remove the scalp to avoid any irritation, this is the best idea.

Hair system causes allergy

Hair systems are made with a breathable base material and it is extremely light in weight. When your hair system is bonded properly to your scalp, you do not even realize that you wear one.

You can opt only for black color

With huge advancement in hair color technology, it is very easy to design hairpieces for you according to your choice for desired colors. Many ready-to-wear hairpieces exist now with rooted-color varieties and darker roots to match color hair growth. Also, you have now choice to get gradient colors easily, with root color combined with another color to provide richness and depth.
So, the main thing is to approach a right expert in Dubai for your hair treatment.
There are three types of materials that make up a hair base system. Pick the right choice based on your taste, trend or financial capacity. LACE could be the best if you’re looking for something cozy, undetectable, elegant and lightweight. SKIN is the second option for those who want something that fits perfectly on their scalp (looks like you own skin!). Mono, on the other hand, is for those people whose hair is medium-thick. It’s an ideal choice if you are on a budget.

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