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The Best Hair Replacement We Can Give You

The Best Hair Replacement We Can Give You

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A couple of years ago when our blog was established, we came up with this article to assist those in dire need of hair replacement. We realised that often, many people find themselves in the hands of the not-so-honest hair replacement operators and get services that weren’t entirely good for them. Therefore, we decided to share this post as an indication of our continued efforts to help customers get the best hair replacement systems that match your existing hair and features.
Many non-reputable hair replacement providers out there use a lot of marketing waffle and jargon to keep clients in the dark about the whole process. By making this process look complicated, they can often blind you and entice you of your hard-earned cash. Hair replacement is not a complicated process and as such, you should not be charged exorbitantly.
Luckily, despite the abundance of unscrupulous online hair system providers, Hair Centre Dubai is determined to help you get the best hair replacement service by putting an end to the cons. Truth be told, making a good quality hair system requires some skill and time. However, the process is pretty straightforward.

The art of making hair replacement system

Simply, the teeny tiny human hair strand is woven by hand into a monofilament, polyurethane or lace hair system base and posted straight to you or your favorite salon for cutting-in. There is no magic spell or specialized treatment involved. Our professional staff here at Hair Centre Dubai have been wearing toupees, wigs, and other hair systems for quite some time now. Therefore, we can confidently say we’re hair replacement aficionados. Still not satisfied? Take a plunge with us as we navigate through the whole process of hair replacement system.

How to order hair system online: the simplest guide

If you are a newbie, you need plenty of info regarding the best hair systems. So, why don’t you print this guide and read it whenever you are having coffee? Also, I know some of you are busy, and you probably won’t read all the way to the end so, just visit our website at, and we will be happy to help you.

Step One: choose your hair base

There are three types of materials that make up a hair base system. Pick the right choice based on your taste, trend or financial capacity. LACE could be the best if you’re looking for something cozy, undetectable, elegant and lightweight. SKIN is the second option for those who want something that fits perfectly on their scalp (looks like you own skin!). Mono, on the other hand, is for those people whose hair is medium-thick. It’s an ideal choice if you are on a budget.

Step Two: select your hair direction

One way to achieving the desired hairstyle is being able to choose your correct hair direction. Common options include freestyle (can be brushed in any direction), forward/backward, left/right break and a few others.

Step Three: Hair density

This is critical if you loathe looking awkward after a hairdo. Choose what rhymes with your existing hair or your age. Common options include light, extra light, medium, medium light, heavy, extra heavy and medium heavy.

Step Four: Curl and Wave

Common options here include loose/medium or light curl, straight/medium wave and loose or tight afro. Make use of curl and wave charts if you’re not sure of your best choice.

Step Five: Choose your preferred colour

Just like the density, the color of the hair you choose should match your existing hair. You can send a sample to us or request our color chart. For multicolored individuals, you need to send a sample of each color and the part of the head it came from.

Step Six: Choose your hair type

There are four common choices here, and each choice depends on your financial capability, ease of management and your lifestyle. These options are European (fine and silky), Indian Remy, Indian (smooth and soft) and Synthetic.
Once you make your first order, it will be easier to redo it since you already have this guide with you.

Step Seven: Create a template of your head

The easiest way to provide your head’s template is by sending over your previous hair system. It will simplify the process of ordering your system at Hair Centre Dubai.
Simple right? If everything still looks foggy contact us on our website and we will do the heavy lifting for you and guide you in the best way possible to make the process as easy as possible.

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